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Space Party Balloon Garland Kit

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Futuristic DIY Balloon Garland Kit, Space Party

Koko’s space themed balloon garland kit is out of this world. Yes, we made a space pun. That’s how excited our space themed balloon garland makes us! A cool blend of blue, orange, grey, clear, and silver balloons, this balloon garland is the perfect space party decoration for your next themed get-together. With the same structure as a classic balloon garland and the unique colors of space, our space themed balloon garland kit will turn heads and draw various “ooo”s and “aaa”s from every one of your party guests.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put this space themed balloon garland kit together either. We provide you everything you need, including written instructions and a video tutorial on how to string all of your balloons together! You’ll be able to easily and quickly set up your space themed balloon garland kit, beautifully decorating your party space faster than the speed of light.

This space themed balloon garland kit will fit in well among the rest of your space party decorations, giving the space a futuristic feel and an iconic photo backdrop. Whether you’re inviting over your friends or your kids’ friends, people of all ages will be over the moon for your space themed balloon garland!

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