Our Kits

Are you hosting an event in the next few weeks or months and have been too busy to even start thinking of your supplies or set up yet? KOKO Event Supplies provides Complete Kits for this exact problem that many people face all the time.

We have designed these packs to create a hassle free, quick experience for you to organise your event.

We have Catering Kits, Decoration Kits and Feature Table Kits:

Catering Kits: Come with a set number of supplies for your number of guests you select. We have the following:

  • Eco PLA Plastic Catering Kit
  • Eco Palm Leaf Catering Kit
  • Eco Pine Catering Kit
  • Plastic Catering Kit

Decoration Kits: Provide you with basic decorations (Balloons, Streamers etc.) for whatever colour you choose in addition to tips on how you can set up your Pack.

Feature Table Kits: A customisable pack designed to be the (gathering point of) centre of focus in your event space, containing cake/cupcake stands, guest signage books, lolly buffet kits and many more trendy pieces to complete your setup.

Click the links below to learn more about our Complete Kits: