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Our Environment

Our Partnership with PEBA - Pro Environment Balloon Alliance

As a member of the Pro Environment Balloon Alliance, we are committed to the responsible use and disposal of balloons.
To protect the environment from unnecessary litter we do not support the release of balloons.
We urge our customers and others to share our commitment by not releasing balloons into the environment
We would love to help you find a good alternative to balloon releases which can be easily and responsibly disposed of after your event.
Don't let it go, Pin It & Bin It!

Our Products

100% Biodegradable Latex Balloons

Our latex balloons are made from 100% biodegradable latex and on average will take 6 months to 4 years to decompose. 
For a 100% biodegradable balloon option, choose our paper confetti balloons, and choose our string or paper ribbon instead of the usual curling ribbon.

Foil Balloons

Unfortunately, our foil balloons are neither Recyclable or Biodegradable. They are usually, however, re-usable. Either use it again another day, or give it to someone else who needs it.
Deflate your balloons by inserting a straw into the inflation hole of the balloon and press the balloon softly to let the air out.
You can either use air or helium to inflate the balloon whenever you need it again

Balloon Weights

Or weights are neither recyclable or biodegradable.
Please re-use or give away to be re-used.
You can also return any balloon weights to our warehouse in Eltham, VIC 3095 to be re-used for a $2.50 refund per balloon weight.

Other Products

We have a whole range of biodegradable and home compostable party supplies. Check out our Palm Leaf Plates, Wooden Cutlery and Pine Boats and Cones for some ideas!
Stay tuned for more biodegradable alternatives for decorations in the near future!

Our packaging

We are always trying to find new, environmentally friendly ways to get our products to you.
We ship our products three ways... in recyclable cardboard boxes, recyclable mailing satchels and recyclable envelopes. The latest addition to our packaging is BioGone, which is a recyclable and landfill biodegradable packing tape. 
To ensure responsible disposal of our packaging follow these tips:

- Remove the tape from the boxes.... Place the tape in the general waste bin and the boxes in the recycling bin
- Take all satchels and soft plastic packaging to REDcycle bins (located outside of most Coles and Woolworths supermarkets.
- Place envelopes in the recycling bin
- Place packing tape in the general waste bin
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