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Glassware Hire / Rental - Replacement Costs

Glass Hire / Rental - Replacement Costs & Information

Returning the Glassware: Hired glassware must be returned in a reasonably clean state. Glassware must have contents tipped out, rinsed, dried and stored in storage boxes provided. The return of noticeably dirty glassware or storage boxes will result in loss of hire bond/deposit.


Security Deposit Per Box: $10


Loss, damage or breakdown of Equipment

(a) The Hirer will be responsible for any loss or damage to the Equipment irrespective of how the loss or damage occurred (normal wear and tear excepted) during the Hire Period.

(b) The Hirer is responsible for the goods from the time of delivery until the time of collection by the Owner.

(c) The Owner will charge the Hirer for any costs in relation to Loss or Damage of the equipment according to the agreed replacement costs below

(d) If the Security Bond/Deposit does not cover the costs for damages or lost goods during a hire period, the Owner will invoice/pursue the Hirer for all additional costs. 

Glassware Hire Breakages, Damage & Loss Charges

Corflute storage boxes - $39.95 incl GST for each box lost 

Wine (glass) - $4.00 inc GST / per glass

Champagne (Glass) - $4.00 inc GST / per glass

Wine (Plastic) - $4.00 inc GST / per glass

Champagne (Plastic) - $4.00 inc GST / per glass

Cocktail (Plastic) - $4.00 inc GST / per glass

Margarita (Plastic) - $4.00 inc GST / per glass

285ml (Plastic) - $2.50 inc GST / per glass

425ml (Plastic) Tumblers - $2.50 inc GST / per glass

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