Tips on using our Decoration Kit

Helium, or no helium. We have created this decoration kit to suit anyone and any event. The products that come in this pack can be used to suit any occasion and any theme.

We have tried to make it as easy and affordable as possible to take the stress away and to let you enjoy and make the most out of your event.

The products included are the following:

23 Meters White Streamer X 1

23 Meters of Coloured Streamer X 1

25cm White Balloons X 15

25cm Coloured Balloons X 15

Confetti Balloons X 5

Balloon Pump X 1

Bunting X 1

100 Meters Clear Thread

As we are an online business, we provide the ability to offer everything you need in the one place at the one time, to save you time and money.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with products like helium filled balloons… however we want to show you that helium is not necessary when decorating your event space with balloons. 

These trendy tips are easy, more affordable and also better for the environment.

Tip #1:

Balloon Garland:

What you will need:

1 X Balloon Pump (Included In Kit)

Invisible string/fishing wire (Included In Kit)

1 X Needle (NOT Included In Kit)

13 Coloured balloons (Included In Kit)

13 White balloons (Included In Kit)

2 Clear Balloons (Included In Kit)

2 Tea Spoons Confetti (Included In Kit)

Adhesive Product - Blutack / Sticky Dots / Adhesive Hooks (NOT Included In Kit)

Additional extras (not included in decoration pack):

Green Ivy Garland

Fairy Lights

  • First of all, you want to prepare your balloons.
    • Fill your clear balloons with roughly a tablespoon of confetti (or to your desired amount) & blow them up to full size. (If the Balloon forms a pear shape, this means it is overfilled. Let out some air to correct this.)

Tip: Shake the balloon so that the confetti is evenly spread out. You can also rub the balloon against an item of clothing to create static and help the confetti stick to the walls of the balloon.

    • Blow up 9 White & 9 Pink coloured balloons to their full size. 
    • Now you want to blow up the rest of the coloured balloons only to half full. (They should form a near perfect circle)
  • Now that you have prepared all your balloons you want to unravel some fishing wire, but do not cut the fishing wire until the very end.
  • Use the needle to pierce through the end of the balloon, for example:



  • You want to add your balloons randomly one by one, creating some diversity with size, & colour.
  • To give you an example this is an order we have used before: (What you mean baby? Luv u)

Tip: Try to make the garland as balanced as possible with different types of balloons and different sizes.

  • Now that you have added all your balloons to the garland, you want to cut off the end of the fishing wire and tie it around the last balloon so if you are hanging it, it won’t fall down along the wire.
  • Now what you want to do is to hang your garland wherever you are planning to place it for the event and fiddle with the positioning of the balloons.

We use either blu tack* or adhesive hooks*, although we recommend trialing these and being cautious when removing them so they do not remove paint off the walls.

  • We suggest having the balloons closer together as it can look a bit empty with too much space between them.
  • You can also use some blu tack to stick the balloons in the position you want them.

Once you are happy with your garland a nice addition can be to add our Mini Green Ivy Garland to wrap around the base of the garland, winded around the fishing wire. You can also try wrapping some fairy lights around it aswell to add a little bit more detail to your setup!





This is the kind of balloon garland we love and use all the time because it is so easy to set up without any experience!

*CAUTION: We are not liable in the event of paint/wall damage due to the use of any adhesives.


Hanging Balloon Feature:

This is a second feature you can add to your space as well as the balloon garland! We provide you with enough products in our pack to have both the garland and the hanging feature!

What you will need:

Invisible string

2 White Balloons

2 Coloured Balloons

3 Confetti Balloons

Adhesive Product - Blutack / Sticky Dots / Adhesive Hooks

  • Prepare your balloons. We suggest having all balloons full size (If the Balloon forms a pear shape, this means it is overfilled. Let out some air to correct this.)
  • Tie invisible string to your balloons. Leave enough length to modify the height that you want (longer is better).
  • Use an Adhesive Product to stick the string to the roof.
  • We suggest having one of the glitter balloons central. Then building out with the coloured and white balloons.
  • We used the 2 other glitter balloons on either end to add some balance to the feature.

Basically, this balloon feature is quite easily modified to look however you want it to look. Experiment with the positioning yourself. Just a warning, it is better to get the help of someone else. Maybe get them to stick the balloons while you direct them higher, lower, left, right etc.

Our last balloon idea is to throw some under your feature table to help break the space up. It adds a little cute detail to your setup. This is if you have any extra balloons left over from your kit, which if you followed the ideas above, you will!





Twist the streamers as you are unwinding the roll to create a cool twisted effect!

Here is an example of what we do with our streamers.


  • Add photo of streamers


Tip: Try to have the streamers connecting at a central point in the room or from corner to corner (depending on how big your room is)


We highly recommend adding the bunting to the front of your feature table or behind.

See the examples below:


  • Add photo of bunting in front of feature table.


The image below is of our Feature Table Kit with our bunting. This is to give you an idea of what the bunting could look like behind the feature table.

Please note, in this image only the bunting is included in the Decoration Kit. Everything else is included in the Feature Table Kit (except for the food).


  • We need a photo of the bunting with the feature table kit (i.e with the fairy lights)


Now that your Decorations are all sorted, check out our Catering Packs and Feature Table Kit to learn how you can complete your whole setup!