About KOKO

After supplying over 5000 events across Australia we found that there was no easy way to purchase event supplies with confidence in knowing exactly how much to buy. We found that some of our customers were unsure of how much to buy, resulting in over or under purchasing...

This is why KOKO has created our very own Catering Packs, Decoration Packs as well as Feature Table Packs!

We are here to help, by providing everything you may need to run a successful party or event and so as well as our Packs, we also have a wide range of other products you can get to suit your particular event, such as Margarita glasses, Deluxe Wine glasses and many more specialised products.

We ensure your orders are processed and received in a timely and efficient manner whilst assisting you with any extra event planning you may need.

We can also connect you with some of our partner Photographers, DJ’s, Make-up artists, Event Planners in your local area if you are looking for these additional services.

Here at KOKO, we aim to supply you with everything you need so that the planning process for your event is hassle free. So feel free to get in contact with us to discuss any services or additional products you may need!