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Inflated Balloon Garlands - For Pickup or Local Delivery

Our themed balloon garlands are more dazzling than you could dream of. If you are a big kid like we are here at KOKO, you will be obsessed by the party balloons involved in creating these gems.

We developed these Balloon Garlands by trying to incorporate themes and balloon garlands together. This has involved developing our very own unique Balloon Garlands by having the coolest colours around. All this to create these gorgeous backdrops for balloon garland fanatics.

We understand your party may vary in size, which is why our balloon garlands adjust, depending on how much pzaz you want to impress your guests with. All you need to do is choose the length of the balloon garland. The balloon garland will range on a scale from 1 Metre (small and cute), to 5 Metres (vast and stunning).

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Garden Party Pink Balloon Garland - Inflated for Pickup or Local Delivery | UNAVAILABLE to book from the 26th of June until the 15th of July 2022
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