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Pine Boat - 6 Different Sizes
Eco Wooden Cutlery - Wooden Forks - Biodegradable
Eco Wooden Cutlery - Wooden Sporks - Biodegradable
Wooden Letters
Recycled Paper Cocktail Napkins - Brown
Kraft Paper Bags with Handles - 6 Sizes
Cupcake Baking Cups - Brown Kraft (Pack of 25)
Eco Wooden Cutlery - Wooden Knives - Biodegradable
Eco Wooden Cutlery - Wooden Spoons - Biodegradable
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Small Paper Bags (10 Colours Available)
Eco Wooden Cutlery - Wooden Teaspoons - Biodegradable
Cupcake Baking Cups - Gold Polka dot  (Pack of 25)
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Large Brown Paper Bags
Pine Cone - 4 Different Sizes
Palm Leaf Square Plate - 25cm
Cupcake Baking Cups - White Kraft  (Pack of 25)
Food Tray Recycled Paper - 25cm(L) x 18cm(W) x 6cm(H)
Palm Leaf Rectangle Plate - 23cm X 15cm
Jute String (100 meters)
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Step 9: Choose Wooden Letters
Medium Brown Paper Bags
Palm Leaf Round Plate - 23cm
Palm Leaf Round Bowl - 18cm
Plastic Wine Glasses - Clear
Plastic Wine Glasses - Clear
From $1.10 $1.95
Sandwich Wedge Box
Sandwich Wedge Box
From $37.00 $60.00
Palm Leaf Round Plate - 25cm
Bamboo Cockail Napkins 'Wood Free' - White
Food Tray Recycled Paper - 18cm(L) x 13.4cm(W) x 4.5cm(H)
Bamboo Curly Skewers Picks - 10.5cm
Copper Wired Seed LED Fairy Lights
Hessian Table Runner
Cupcake Baking Cups - Gold Chevron (Pack of 25)
Polaroid Picture Hanging Kit (50 Pegs + 100m String)
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Chalk Board With Stand - Small
Palm Leaf Round Bowl - 10cm
Bamboo Catering Paddle Skewers - 9cm
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143 results