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Pine Boat - 6 Different Sizes
Pine Cone - 4 Different Sizes
Palm Leaf Square Plate - 25cm
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Palm Leaf Rectangle Plate - 23cm X 15cm
Palm Leaf Round Plate - 23cm
Palm Leaf Round Bowl - 18cm
Palm Leaf Round Plate - 25cm
Sugarcane Plate - 22.5cm
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Palm Leaf Round Bowl - 10cm
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Palm Leaf Oval Plate - 25cm
Palm Leaf Oval Plate - 20cm
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Palm Leaf Square Plate - 16cm
Palm Leaf Round Bowl - 7.5cm
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Palm Leaf Round Plate - 18cm
Palm Leaf Square Bowl - 18cm
Sugarcane Plate - 17cm
Palm Leaf Rectangle Plate - 20cm X 12.5cm
Sugarcane Bowl - 18cm
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Sugarcane Bowl - 18cm
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Palm Leaf Rectangle Plate - 16cm X 11cm
Palm Leaf Round Plate - 25cm (Pack of 10)
Bamboo Serving Plate - 25cm x 32cm
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