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How to make a DIY Balloon Garland | Easy Tutorial

KOKO's Balloon Garland Kit | Easy DIY Balloon Garland Tutorial

Hey there, party people!

After the launch of our new DIY Balloon Garland Kits a few months back, we’ve wanted to create a video tutorial to simplify the set up process. Discover just how easy it is to create a beautiful balloon garland using our DIY kits.

When it comes to assembling our balloon garlands, we’ve tried and tested many different methods. Using fishing line seems to work best, being quick, easy, and strong. Incorporating fishing line within the garland also allows for more creativity. Better still, there isn’t a need to be cautious about the balloons escaping the garland. Throw it across the room, no balloons will come loose. (That being said, please don’t throw your garland on any sharp edges!)

A common alternative is to use a balloon strip to tie the balloons together. In our experience this method is less reliable, with balloons often slipping free.

We find when creating balloon garlands, sometimes you just have to trial different methods to see what works best for you.

Now to the good stuff! Featuring our two metre Sage and Beige DIY Balloon Garland Kit, I demonstrate how to create an organic, gorgeous looking balloon garland.

Video tutorials not your jam? We get it! Our written instructions are available below:

Please Note: This is a guide only — feel free to be as creative as you like!

KOKO’s top tips for creating your balloon garland

Before starting, be sure to keep the small balloons and some extra balloons aside. These will be used at the end to cover any gaps / holes.

STEP ONE: Creating your balloon triplets (three balloons tied together)

  • Inflate your balloons to a range of different sizes and tie them together.
  • Mix up the colours of each balloon on the triplet.
  • Be creative and random with the colour order.
  • To fill confetti balloons:
    • Inflate balloons with the confetti inside to the size you want; then rub the whole balloon with your hands or a jumper. (This creates static, which causes the confetti to stick to the sides of the balloon.)

STEP TWO: Creating your garland — Tying the triplets together

  • Ensure there is adequate fishing line on either end of the garland. This makes hanging easy.
  • Grab your first triplet and tie to the fishing line.
  • Place the second triplet against the first triplet.
  • Pull the fishing line through the second triplet and wrap the line around one balloon. Pull to tighten. Wrap the line around each balloon of this triplet at least twice to keep it in place.
  • Repeat the last few steps to add each new triplet until the garland is at the desired length.

STEP THREE: Filling any gaps along the garland

  • Fill your small balloons and any leftover balloons to a small size.
  • Fill any gaps in the garland by using either of the following two methods:
    • Tie the end of the small balloon to the end of an existing balloon on the garland where there is a gap.
    • Tie a small piece of fishing line (20-30cm long) to the end of a small balloon. Tie around an already existing balloon on the garland where the gap is.

Now go out and create the best g-damn balloon garland ever!

Amy Hollis

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